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  • Name: Michael Joseph Pratt
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Twitter: @mikepratt
  • Email: mike @ mikepratt . tv
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My Story

Edit: Jan 14, 2016 -> this story is in dire need of being updated. BRB!
I have had a long and rather winding path to where I am now. Clich├ęs aside, there was no master plan to get here but every success and failure along the way contributed. Ten or twenty years ago if you had asked me for life predictions, I would have been remarkably wrong.


I am CEO of marketing technology firm Extra Sauce We are building technologies and products that help companies improve their businesses by using marketing data to help the sales and manufacturing process. Social data has made possible to personalize marketing efforts efforts and positively feedback into company functions previously kept in separate silos. While everyone focuses on top-down marketing, we’re doing it from the bottom up. We’re doing some interesting things for soma great brands. If you have any questions or just want to talk about our work, drop me a line


You can get my full resume on LinkedIn, but here are a few anecdotes about some places & projects I’ve worked at and on (not in chronological order).

  • Carrot Creative: Before founding Extra Sauce, I cut my teeth for a year at the foot of the master Mike Germano who founded wildly successful Carrot Creative a social media agency in New York’s digital district DUMBO. I owe Mike a huge debt of gratitude for the lessons learned while at Carrot.
  • Digital Dallas: While at carrot, Mike germano opened my eyes to a reality – a digital community has to identify form within if it to be known from without. He was instrumental in the nurturing of Digital DUMBO in New York’s digital district in Brooklyn. Arriving in Dallas in 2009 it was evident that Dallas had plenty of digital talent, firms and a great body of work (not to mention a metroplex with almost 7 million people) I founded Digital Dallas to try and achieve similar goals of cultivating and connecting communities in DFW at the intersection of digital & culture.
  • Joining Carrot marked my departure from 17 years in the world of finance. My last gig was a a hedge fund I co-founded with some really smart guys I knew at Goldman. We modeled high-frequency trading strategies, commonly called “statistical arbitrage” or “black box trading” We ran Modulus capital for almost 5 years through the crash of ’08 before finally burning out. Stat arb taught me tons about proving ROI on a daily basis and cutting through to what really matters in a business model.
  • In 1993, I spent the summer interning at Goldman Sachs in the Equities Division. Goldman was relatively small back then… and private. I joined the trading desk after grad school and rode the tech boom all the way to 2003. Along the way, I was fortunate to be able to trade the Telecom, Media & Entertainment sector. In addition to deeply understanding risk management principles, I got to know a lot of amazing and bright people in the digital media sector (which would become a great asset down the road).
  • In the mid-2000’s I was helping my (then) wife, Jean Voute (who publishes the fashion blog Style Observer with marketing technology and attended the first MeetUp of a group called Fashion 2.0 run by the amazing and tireless Yuli Ziv Over the next few years, became good friends and worked together on various disruptive efforts in the fashion space, eventually launching what we named the Style Coalition my fondest memory was creating Inside The Tents (since spun down). It was an aggregation of all of the independent fashion voices taking the Fashion week scene at Bryant Park by storm with non-sanctioned (by the fashion establishment, that is) coverage of new clothing lines coming from the tents. I left day-to-day operations at SC when we moved to Dallas and can take no credit for the remarkable job Yuli has done with the Style Coalition.
  • Bugle Notes: I have a deep love for my alma mater, West Point. In my opinion, there exists no greater bond among graduates of any institution (no disrespect meant for my Navy & Air Force brothers and sisters) Bugle Notes is an private online community (in the spirit of Facebook) for grads of the United States Military Academy It is a labor of love and continually evolves. it provides a vehicle for me to hone my development skills on my favorite platform, BuddyPress (part of the WordPress platform. if you are a grad with development chops, I could use a helping hand. Drop me a line.

Other stuff I’m into

  • Music

    :I am a huge music lover with a wide range of tastes. No opera please.
    Here is my Spotify coding playlist called “Prattonica” No words, just sublime electronica.

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  • Cycling

    : At this point in life, my body is pretty beat up. Cycling is not only awesome for you low impact. I track everything on Strava because it’s awesome.

  • Books

    :I like to read. Alot.. of everything. Mostly non-fiction.

    Why the name “permanent waves”?

    Rush is one of my all time favorite bands and their album Permanent Waves is one of my all time favorites. Combine that with the fact that I feel a personal connection to the image conjured up by the title – something that’s in constant motion, yet retains a certain, well, permanence – and you have me in a nutshell (or so I led myself to believe!)
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