Style Coalition

Last night was the 10th installment of the Fashion 2.0 MeetUps I co-organize with Yuli Ziv. The MeetUps are just one of the projects run by the Style Coalition, which was co-founded by my wife Jean V Pratt, Yuli, her MyItThings co-founder Saar Paamoni and me. Yuli brought in an amazing panel to headline our […]

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The Golden Goose everyone talks about: How do I make money online? This dilemma plagues many minds in the active online fashion publishing space. Many responses (correctly) begin with “Do Good Stuff” or variants. Sure content is king. Sure traffic is important. But the model breaks down for many quality publishers. Unless your traffic stats […]

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Disclaimer: This is not a post on how to make money as an affiliate. I am not an affiliate marketing expert. In fact, that’s the point of this post. We make use of affiliate programs as a revenue enhancement to our sites Gift Girl and Style Observer. The programs we use are wholly unsuited for […]

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One of my side projects has been working with the creators of Buddypress ( a side project itself of the über-popular WordPress platform) to create a niche social community for Graduates and Cadets of West Point. As an ’87 Grad, a few of my classmates and I were discussing that, whereas we were all fans […]

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